We came into this hackathon wanting to make a web-based app for Pebble that could improve upon existing software. So, we decided to replace the existing common clicker system with our own system called Strap Click. With Strap Click, you can quickly respond to polls such as attendance, quizzes, or business meeting questions, right from your smartwatch. We decided to use the Strap SDK to be able to develop our app on other wearables as well as on the Pebble. In addition to wearables, there is also an android companion app as well as an iOS app.

The main advantage to this system is that it can be used anywhere, by anyone, without any need for external bases or hardware, for free. Our target users are schools for attendance or quizzes in large lectures, and businesses for polling during meetings. However, it can be used by anyone who simply wants to ask a group a question, and get tallied results.

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