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As 3 young women living in a big city, safety has always been an issue at the forefront of our minds. We know that this is a problem that a majority of women around the world, especially when alone at night. While there are solutions out there, most require downloading or signing up, which makes them less convenient and less accessible. This is why we created Stranger Danger.

What it does

Stranger Danger is a web app that is scalable across all platforms, meaning everyone with access to the internet can use the app, no matter what device or operating system they have. The site provides articles and tips on safety, as well as an additional “Keep me Safe” functionality, where users can send their live location to 3 of their friends. The app will check in with them every 3 minutes to make sure the user is still ok, and to send updates to the friends via SMS. Once the user has confirmed that they have safely reached their destination, all data collected on the user will be deleted to maintain the clients’ privacy.

How we built it

This site was built using React.js with a Firebase Database. We also used Node.js with an Express server to interact with the Twilio SMS messaging service through API calls. We also used React-Bootstrap to style the site.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues with online collaboration using Visual Studios Live share, which led us to have difficulties with calling the backend server. We resolved this eventually, but it set us back. We also had trouble coordinating our time online and planning out the project in an online environment. The Google Maps API was also very difficult to implement and took multiple team members working together and trying different solutions to finally figure it out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the final application, as well as our ability to work together as a team and play to our strengths. We were also very proud of how we overcome our challenges to be able to deliver a great final product, especially with Google Map and the Twilio service.

What we learned

We learned a lot this weekend about the importance of documentation and the value of reading thoroughly about an API or service. We also learned how important it is to schedule our time to avoid running out of it. Finally, we learned the importance of the technology we rely on to collaborate online.

What's next for Stranger Danger

In the future, we’d love to expand our database of resources to provide more safety tips to the users. We’d also like to include a live tracking map so the friends can see real-time updates of the user’s location, and finally, we’d like to also grow to include a mobile app as well, to allow for push notifications, continued sessions, and enhanced location services.

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