I was thinking about things that fit the theme "distance" and I came up with the idea of being stranded on a deserted island. You can't be further from civilization than there

What it does

Essentially, it's just a tech demo. There was supposed to be a lot more, but it's just bits and pieces of an engine.

How we built it

From the ground up, using previous knowledge mixed with random tinkering and a sprinkle of looking things up

Challenges we ran into

When building the engine, I focused on all the wrong things; putting way too much attention into things that would never have been used in time and completely skimping out on others (esp. the later parts, they were hacked together)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The engine was built to be modular, and while it was much more time consuming, it makes adding onto it relatively easy. Aside from the later additions, I wouldn't be surprised if it would be easy to mod (especially due to it being essentially a tech demo)

What we learned

Honestly, apart from some neat tidbits about reflection or better ways to optimize things, I didn't learn all too much. Of course, I gained experience by tinkering around, but sadly I wasn't able to implement the big new thing I wanted to learn (sockets)

What's next for Stranded

Aside from a complete rewrite of everything written in the last few hours, adding more content to the engine and actually implementing many of the unimplemented features is what I would plan to do. Hopefully, after a loooooong time, I would be able to actually make the game more than just a tech demo; creating actual purpose to the game.

P.S. No clue if the actual .jar file works, I'd assume it would but I don't have a JRE installed on my computer

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