As we brainstormed a problem we faced in an academic setting, we all agreed that often teachers would have technical issues during a lesson, and these problems affected the learning process. Usually, if the problem persisted, they would have to call a professional to fix it, costing the school money that could be used otherwise. We were inspired to create an easy to use platform that would solve these problems quickly, efficiently, conveniently, and inexpensively.

This website is intended for educators all around the world so that they can teach to their full potential without any disruptions.

We are most proud of the filtered table and the fact that it is connected to a working backend.

a) The problem we're addressing is technical problems in the classroom that disrupt learning. b) Our solution is a website where you submit a form about your issue and a professional will help you out shortly. c) Jun Woo Shin Jiaqi Gao Melanie Chow Lindsey Ma Lucy Li

d) Jacqueline Linang Melverton Hunter

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