We were inspired by the many unfinished and untold stories of the world. Whether the original writers never found the time to finish them or never had the inspiration to, StoryTree was created so that these stories would have the full power of an online community behind them.

What it does

Story tree is a platform that allows people to collaboratively author books by allowing them to start a new story with a paragraph or two, or just continue someone else's. Additionally if you don't like how a story is going, feel free to make your own branch and continue it how you would like.

How we built it

We built StoryTree using firebase and React. We created a web base application to read and create story branches. We built a tree structure using firebase database and utilized React to create an easy way to read trees of stories.

Challenges we ran into

As beginners in using firebase, the API was hard for us to learn as we weren't sure which way to go many times. We also ran into problems finding a way to create the structure of the database using firebases database. None of our team members had any experience working in a hierarchical database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, we are proud of creating a working prototype of the web based app in less than 33 hours. We had never used firebase before this weekend and are proud that we were able to carry out the basis of our idea using firebase in such a short amount of time.

What we learned

As a team, none of us had used firebase before and this weekend we dove straight in. Our learning spanned writing firebase cloud functions to figuring out how we would use firebase's database to best suit our needs. We also learned a lot about using React.

What's next for StoryTree

We hope to continue developing StoryTree over the next year, adding many of the features that were not feasible to add in the 32 hours of coding we had this weekend. We believe StoryTree can be something great that can bring people together through the mutual love of literature, and hope that StoryTree will continue to grow just like a real tree.

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