I was trying to build something that would be fun for any of the users that use the chat bot, a brief whisking away from the mundane world of reality.

What it does

It is a choose your own adventure chat bot that a user can use to play through any story that has been uploaded

How I built it

I built it using javascript and facebook messenger api, using mongo db as a datastore and heroku as the hosting platform. I used messenger nlp to recognize greetings and farewells and quick replies for choices in the stories. One time notifications for asking users to be notified when new stories are added.

Challenges I ran into

Getting one time notifications to work properly, I followed the documentation but I was unable to save the tokens correctly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the chatbot

What I learned

  • Messenger NLP, quick replies and one time notifications.
  • Using Mongo db with an express app in heroku

What's next for Storytime

  • Adding more stories for users to play through
  • Adding a way for users to submit their own stories either through the chatbots page or in messenger itself
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