Social isolation is, sadly, a significant component of the lives of many older people living independently in Australia. There is evidence that social isolation is linked to negative health outcomes and decreased quality of life. This can become a spiral for older people who lose what limited capacity they do have for meaningful social interaction in the face of the challenges associated with their illness. This project aims to create a comfortable “third place” - beyond the home, commercial spaces and care facilities - for the elderly in the community. This is a place where they can engage with peers and younger people in meaningful ways. Unlike a commercial space, this is a “playspace” where the elderly can engage or simply enjoy sitting back and listening without the pressure to purchase anything. It is a place to explore their past as a way to share their vast wealth of experiences with the future generation and a place where they can enjoy fun low-impact activities to get them up and moving. Ultimately the Storytelling Time Machine gives the elder citizens the feeling of connection and self-worth- it is a space that gives them the confidence that they are a valued part of the community.

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