This is my Udaciity VR Developer Nanodegree project under the Mobile Performance & 360 Media specialization course. I have created a 360 VR short film - The India Trip, by stitching stock footages provided by Udacity and enhancing it with Powerdirector Suite (360 video editing) and then adding interactivity in Unity.

It contains the use of spatial audio for creating the effect of a temple environment (ringing bells & distant prayers/aarti), a dusty particle effect for enhancing overall movie & branching links to 3 various parts of the movie in the video controls.

In this google cardboard app, I have used url (video hosted on dropbox) to play the movie. So you need a good internet speed although I have compressed the video.

But, here is the original video if you want to watch on desktop:

You can download the app for this project TheIndiaTrip.apk from here:

Key Tools used: -AutoPano Video Pro & Giga - for stitching 360 video raw footage -Cyberlink Director Suite 6 (Powerdirector, Colordirector & Audiodirector) for 360 video editing -Unity 2017.2 -Google VR SDK 1.70 -Resonance Audio SDK for Unity (for spatial audio functionality)

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