Everyday, people walk past many others, not having a second thought to who they are. Magicians, surgeons, ballet dancers, struggling parent? We were inspired by Humans of New York to provide a medium for people to anonymously share their stories to their community.

What it does

Anonymously share your story with the people you cross paths with everyday. People who pass you will show up on your app and you can read the story that they wanted to share.

How we built it

Front-end development was done programmatically in Xcode using swift. While running in the background, the iOS app will post your location and the time to our server on Linode which looks for posts by other users. Posts are then parsed using python and flask to find a match with another user. Matches are then saved to a SQL database which the front-end app can then call upon to display information for the user.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout development, iOS development was simultaneously completed by two developers through the use of git so we had to be cautious with merge conflicts. At first, the team ran into issues getting the front-end to be able to use location services and post the data that the server needed to track user movement. Then, the team experienced trouble keeping the location service running in the background and continuously sending location/time posts to the server. In one aspect of the app, an iOS developer ran into trouble with cocoapods which turned out to be a poorly written library. Finally, we ran into trouble since changing the user interface would make the user experience better, but also make some of our code broken.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We delegated tasks cleanly and were able to work efficiently and simultaneously throughout the hackathon while running into only a few major conflicts. We're proud of developing an app that is both functionally and aesthetically complete while providing a smooth user experience.

What we learned

We learned about simultaneous development and how hard it is to develop efficiently and decrease "waiting on someone" times. Also we learned that sometimes the libraries you use aren't fully reliable and you have to look at the root cause to fix the problem. From Kevin Gale of YCombinator, we learned and applied proper user experience and how to quickly guide users into the heart app without causing confusion.

What's next for storyteller

We want to make storyteller popular in your community so you can see more of the community around you.

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