App Description

A fully immersive, mobile story application that redefines your adventures. Utilizing Magnet Message as a location-based subscription feed, StoryTeller pulls up audio that is connected with particular places around the world. Travel to new locations, listen to narratives, and experience new areas like never before.

For example, Alcatraz is a great example of a Bay Area tourist spot. Since its public opening in 1973, tours have been guided using old aged audio recorders. With StoryTeller, the experience is completely redefined.

Simply take out your smartphone, open the app, and you’ll be presented with streams of media based on where you are on the island. The closer you are to a storypoint, the higher up on the list of available stories it will appear.

The experience isn’t complete without adding your own new stories around the globe. Simply record your story at a particular location and have it available for all others who come seeking an adventure.

A fully immersive, mobile story application to redefine your adventures. StoryTeller.


  • Clone the github repository.
  • Open the storyboard-ios.xcworkspace file on Xcode.
  • Build and run on either a simulator or a licensed iPhone.

App Walkthrough

Signup / Login View

  • Open the app and you’ll be presented with the sign up / login view. If you’ve never used StoryTeller before, click sign up and enter basic information to get started. Else, put in your username and password to log in.

StoryTeller View

  • After logging in, you’ll be presented with the main navigation view. The default tab is set to be the "Nearby" tab. The nearby tab has a map on top which shows the closest storypoints and a tableview of these storypoints below. They are only unlocked and clickable if you are <= 100 meters away but are visible (though locked) up to 10,000 meters apart. This encourages users to get out and explore to see storypoints as well as to contribute to them.

If you click on the + (plus) to add a storypoint, you’ll be presented with a new view that previews the location of the new storypoint and asks for the name and tags to describe it. After entering the information, the previous view will appear with the new storypoint on the map. Clicking on this or any other unlocked storypoint will then open up the Messages View.

Messages View

  • The messages view is the list of all stories for a particular storypoint. Each story has a title along with the user and the time it was submitted. You can add new stories by clicking “Leave Message” and following the views on screen. You can also listen to stories by clicking on one of them.

Map View

  • The tab next to "Nearby" is the "Map" tab allows users to see all storypoints around the globe. This encourages them to get out and explore beyond just 10,000 meters.

Profile View

  • The tab next to "Map" is the "Profile" tab. Currently it displays a very basic profile of the user’s name and email address. Pressing the settings button on the top right corner brings up a menu from which the user can either log out or go to a "Demo Knobs" view (see below).

Profile View -> Settings -> Demo Knobs

  • As a demo, this view allows the user to quickly add nearby storypoints in order to experience locked and unlocked storypoints.

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