Memes and stories on Internet are becoming boring due to lack of interesting materials.

What if there was interactive platform or game, where each one in the community gets a chance to adds one liner sub-story or plot to a main story. This way, stories become more creative and interesting as it is build from collective thought of different people, while keeping the community more engaged.

What it does

StoryLabs is a digital version of addictive ‘Pass the Story’ game which is an interactive group story-telling game in which one person starts a story and then passes a ball to the community to continue it.

StoryLabs makes story-time great for online story-tellers, teens and meme-lovers. It’s the perfect way to help community members to flex their own storytelling skills.

How Kin SDK is used?

Kin is given out to reward the community members for start a story or joining a story. StoryLabs allows users to give Kin to others to pitching in great one-liner sub-story or plot.

We have few premium story topic channels such as NSFW, which users can unlock by paying us in Kin. This allows every users to enjoy premium content without spending real money while it acts a way to earn revenue.

User who have received highest number of Kin are the most creative ones and we have a special leaderboard to identify and honor them.

How I built it

We incorporated Kin SDK in Android as well as in our python back-end on AWS. We took the design inspiration from various story writing platforms. User sign-up is made simple with Facebook Login kit.

Challenges I ran into

As we started late, we didn't get much time to build more features. Plus, initially there were hiccups with Kin SDK integration, but with the help of Kin community we were able to sort things out very quickly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of being the first to launch this game on Google Play Store.

We were able to build a production app in very short period of time while understanding and integrating Kin blockchain and SDK in to our app.

What's next for StoryLabs

More features on our road map:

  1. Adding private story-time where users can have invite only access to the story-writing.
  2. Rewarding users to invite new users to his story.
  3. Differential rewards for users for writing stories on certain topics.
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