Git enables easy branching and merging, allowing teams to adopt feature branching and git flow with Pull Requests acting as code reviews. When the team decide to accept and merge your pull request, whose job is it to update and close the relevant JIRA Issue?

Storyflow avoids these problems by automatically transitioning your JIRA issues and User Stories when Pull Requests are Opened, Declined or Merged. Essentially you control JIRA Issues with Pull Requests.


Automatically transition linked JIRA Issues to new Issue statuses on Opening, Rejecting or Merging Pull Requests from within Stash. Users no longer have to login into JIRA to move their User stories or Issues across their Scrum or Kanban boards.

Automatically adds remote Issue links from a JIRA Issue to the Pull request referencing it. This allows interested parties to find the Pull Request and participate in the review.

JIRA Issue watchers can automatically be added to Pull Requests as reviewers - now everyone can be included in reviewing functionality.

Detects JIRA Issues from issues keys in the branch name, Pull Request title and Pull Request description.

Flexible and fully customizable rules for configuring Storyflow to work with your teams own workflow.

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