Snapchat Live Stories

What it does

The application queries the Instagram servers and is able to obtain the stories of all the users’ stories specified by the user. Once all the stories are collected the are interlaced together and displayed for the user in one continuous video in the chronological order they were posted.

How we built it

  • Front End: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Create/Display Stories: PHP
  • Scrape Instagram: Ruby, Python
  • Hosting: DigitalOcean

Challenges we ran into

  • Setting up the server
  • Duplicate timestamp returned by instagram for every element of a story
  • Integrating the different scripts together

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • It works

What we learned

  • How to program in ruby

What's next for StoryFlow

The next step for storyflow would be scaling as our user base grows we must be able to handle more and more users. In order to be able to stitch together many users we must improve our current architecture and data structures in order to improve our computation times. Once this is done we would like to look into how we could storyflow in order to stitch together curated videos from product sponsors which might be a way to generate revenue.

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