We wanted to give children and users the ability to draw and create the story that they are telling. My inspiration was the 9/11 memorial where a person may record the events of their day and an algorithm lines up people, places and timeline and plays all stories overlaying different aspects of the event and day.

What it does

It lets children either free-form draw a picture or use connect the dot templates to overlay a picture on a table. it then allows children to take a picture and generate a 3D Mesh that the child can place in a story environment

How we built it

We built the main interface using Unity3D and Microsoft HoloLens and we built our backend using Python and Django to submit and extract vector2 coordinates that are sent back to unity and a mesh is generated.

Challenges we ran into

Generating the Mesh Formatting the data Smooth Gesture Usage

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The entire project was created!!!

What we learned

A lot about HoloLens Development and usability of apps that allow content to be generated by the user

What's next for StoryBrookeAR

We want to expand on the app to include fashion industry concept previews and see where else this type of feature may be applicable.

Floor On

We are on Floor 6

What is our Vertical?

Education, Entertainment

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