The inspiration for this project came from two sources: the groups strong desire to develop in VR and the Bitcamp theme of exploring new grounds.

What it does

This program brings the feel and magic of a children's storybook into VR.

How we built it

We initially began by searching for a compelling yet simple short story; so we settled on the brother's Grimm's Sleeping Beauty. We storyboarded a number of scenes, boiled them down into short narrative passages and sought to implement these scenes through the Unreal engine. To enhance the storybook feel, this three dimension landscape is decorated with two dimensional assets. We also used the storybook as the hub for which the story could be driven.

Challenges we ran into

Having limited experience with Oculus Rift, but considerable experience in the unreal engine, we faced numerous challenges while integrating the CV1s and DK2s with our rigs and the development environment. Numerous internet outages also plagued the startup of our ideation and development processes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some members who were completely new to oculus rift and UE4 were able to competently develop on those platforms. We were able to integrate hand drawn assets, on-site narration, and VR support on our first group hacking venture.

What we learned

Our team learned about Oculus integration, UE4 development, group development, work distribution, concurrent version setup and use, and the great fun to be had at hacking events like Bitcamp!

What's next for Storybook VR

We hope to complete our current story, and potentially expand to other narratives. We'd also like to focus more on user interaction and narrative impact.

Built With

  • oculus-rift-and-unreal-editor
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