Storyboard Your Requirements

  • Create Visual Agile User Stories
  • Ensure Alignment With Business Goals
  • Expose Issues Before Wireframing and Coding

Visual Agile User Stories

Agile Development stresses using small bite-sized user stories to define what a system does from a user perspective, not a technical one. Make your stories more compelling when you make a storyboard instead of bullet points.

Ensure Alignment With Business Goals

Storyboards are a powerful medium to quickly convey a concept that can be easily understood across marketing, development and IT. Due to their visual nature vs. words alone it is obvious if people have a different interpretation. Once everyone is on the same page, storyboards invite collaboration and iteration which is very easy with the built in copy and edit buttons.

Expose Issues Before Wireframing And Coding

Storyboards allow the entire life cycle of an idea to be expressed in one image by showing the problem, a high level solution and lastly a benefit for the user. In the process of creating this storyboard, numerous assumptions and follow-up problems are exposed which can cheaply be changed. Storyboards are also easy to share by asking others for their opinions to increase ideation. After the story is clear, it is then time for wireframing and coding.

Powerful Storyboard Creator With Streamlined JIRA Integration

Storyboard That is a powerful HTML 5 tool designed from the ground up to be super extremely easy. We have spent over a year maturing our technology to be ready for the Atlassian eco system. Once the plugin is installed, every ticket has a "Create Storyboard Button" and shows all associated storyboards. Creating a storyboard is quick and easy with our intuitive drag and drop interface and ready-made artwork.

  • Storyboards With 1-15 Cells
  • Export to PowerPoint / Raster (Png) / Vector Images
  • Use Our Database Of 25k + Images Or Upload Your Own

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