So many children in the United States suffer from illiteracy. In the United States, approximately 14,000,000 adults are illiterate. 65% of all fourth graders are considered ‘below proficient’ for their grade. Children with parents with low literacy rates have a 72% of having extremely low literacy rates. Due to this cycle of illiteracy, so many of those stuck in poverty are unable to ever change their lives for the better. This must be changed immediately.

What it does

For this, we built our app, Story Time. Our app will increase literacy in younger children as listening to bedtime stories has proven to do so. It helps bridge the gap between low income and high income families. Many low-income families cannot afford the same resources as high income families, causing their children to become set-back in learning. Our app provides them with such. Immigrant children in the United States are not provided with accessible resources due to their language setbacks. Our app ensures they are not far behind education wise compared to their peers regardless of the inability to fluently speak English. All of this is done by reading a child stories and asking them fun trivia! With the fun stickers the child gets after certain benchmarks, the literacy improvement will be radical! (Sadly we could not get all of this done with the time constraint and each other’s schedules.)

How we built it

We designed our app in Canva and built it in MIT App Inventor. We plan to rebuild it on a platform that supports both Android and iOS after gaining further technical knowledge.

Challenges we ran into

We had many technical difficulties when making our app and video. One major challenge was when we had to record our presentation for a video. Our teammates' microphone was not working so we had to work around it by calling each other and saying the lines through a different microphone. Another challenge was combining our app. The app merger we downloaded was not working. We had to design and recode the entire app again on the same project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did it! The fact that we were able to accomplish all of this on an extreme time crunch is amazing! This made us feel so accomplished since we didn’t expect to get as much done as we did.

What we learned

We learned how to manage our time effectively and use different platforms to create our app and video. We also learned that the harder we tried to overcome problems, the quicker we overcame them.

What's next for Story Time

In the future, we plan on adding more stories and more languages, so that many more kids will be able to benefit from our app. We will also try coding it on a different platform because MIT app inventor is only compatible on android and we want everyone to be able to access the app.

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