Making being on-call easy by providing observable stats of your backend infrastructure using RedisTimeSeries based slack-bot. The bot can provide stats of your systems on-the-go when:

  • Traveling home back on Train
  • Being in the coffee shop
  • Riding an Uber ride
  • When paged at 3 AM on Saturday morning

What it does

The ops bot provides quick observations about what's happening in your system when being on call, on receiving the alert. You can check:

  • What was the max latency in the last 30 minutes on Nginx?
  • Were there any connection drops in the last 20 minutes?
  • What were the max ops on Database in the last 5 mins?

How I built it

Using RedisTimeSeries, Python Flask, Redis-Timeseries-Adapter, MongoDB exporters, Redis exporters

Challenges I ran into

Request routing using Flask for different stats

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Providing low-latency access to observable stats of your backend system using the slack bot on your Slack mobile app on-the-go.

What I learned

Using RedisTimeSeries, Flask, Slack Inbound-Outgoing webhooks. Redis-TimeSeries Adapter. MongoDB exporter, Redis exporter

What's next for Story of being on-call

Adding more features to slack-bot to collect stats from more components of the backend systems. Making slack-bot available in the slack-app directory for other teams to use.

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