Our inspiration was the idea that communities should not exist only virtually on Instagram over a cold screen. We want to bring people together and have them form bonds with their communities and their surroundings.

What it does

The Story Bazaar is an experience that brings the community together and forms bonds between the members and between them and their surroundings. The idea is that each member leaves behind a part of themselves in the form of a story but also takes part in other members’ stories. This will add meaning to the mundane because places that would normally be overlooked suddenly have meaning. The Bazaar is a framework that you can define based on your desired goals; it can preserve the memory of individuals, but also cultures, or even historical events. Members will tell their stories of mosaic tiles that are unique to them and drop them in place for others to find. If biometrics are available at the time of recordings, the shaders will adapt to reflect the teller’s feelings. They will step on placed tiles to step into the storyteller’s shoes and trigger other people’s stories. The Bazaar will bring people together in the physical world with an event surrounding the community-made art installation that consists of a giant mosaic made of everyone’s individual stories. People will come together and listen to stories and meet each other.

How we built it

We worked in parallel on the design, development, and BCI part. We used the GitHub repo to update our work and iterate. Using Oculus and HTC Vive Elite headsets we developed multi-player VR with the Normcore framework.

Challenges we ran into

We learned a lot on the way, one challenge was setting up the BCI with Unity and using the feelings input. Integrating design elements properly with the interaction scripts proved a good challenge. Time was our biggest obstacle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Multiplayer VR Dynamic shaders Concept and Experience Design

What we learned

We learned to scale down concepts to fit a smaller time frame. We developed skills in Unity development, interaction design, and storytelling

What's next for Story Bazaar

Using pass-through video for our experience. Adding customizable tiles for everyone Creating an inventory of tiles for each person Create templates for the art installations Voice-activated triggers Reactive shaders

Built With

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