Can you imagine: when each European Union EdTech-ready school cancels only one lesson a day, it makes up to 25 million cancelled lessons during each school year... It happens like all the time, let's cover it with better English! Our research shows that up to 80% of students in European Union primary and secondary schools experience stress before using English in public. Imagine what a pattern they work out in they minds because of lack of training with native speakers. Almost all of them learn English but almost all of them are afraid of speaking English all the time. COVID-19 makes EdTech now more popular than ever. Lessons in European schools take place in virtual reality. We realise how easy it goes when teacher and students are online. Even when students return to school in Autumn, it will be sure that many lessons can be still run online. It is very important, because European schools were experiencing shortage of teachers even before COVID-19. Try to imagine it, please: UP TO 80% OF EUROPEAN UNION STUDENTS IN PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS EXPERIENCE STRESS WHEN THEY WANT TO SPEAK ENGLISH IN PUBLIC. It relates to all 24 countries where English is not official language. But there's something else: many lessons at school are cancelled each year because lack of supply teachers covering cancellations. Now we change it with emergency lessons of English run online thanks to our EdTech internet platform. There are many well-educated teachers of English in 21 African countries, where English is official language. African universities release even more and more of them, which is good for the future of the European Union schools after COVID-19. Students will be able now to improve English command significantly, with very good African teachers. First of all, when their schools face unexpected lesson cancellation. African teachers are professional, they are not expensive even for small EU schools and they speak very good English from the beginning of their life. We know it very well how it goes well with teaching English in Europe online from Africa. Our team is partly created by such teachers working in Poland remotely, from Kenya.

What it does

Stork School CONNECT is very simple but very useful EdTech platform helping European Union students of primary and secondary schools with improving command of English. We are connecting mostly small European Union schools, experiencing shortage of natively speaking teachers of English, to well-educated teachers of English residing in 21 countries in Africa where English is official language. Our teachers are registered in database, which is open for all well-educated African teachers, lecturers and coaches. They are very affordable and able to work online at any time in European schools ready for EdTech. Most of EU schools are equipped with broadband internet and multimedia board, or just big laptop with good speakers at least. Over 90% of the EU schools can work with us even now to make EU students speaking English with joy. So, we can provide well-educated teachers of English speaking English from the beginning of their life. They are not only full of energy but also know European and British curriculum. In emergency cases, when a school is going to cancel some lessons, African teachers can run conversational classes. It's very important in mental health prism, because up to 80% of European students learning English without help of native speakers, are afraid of using English in real life.

How I built it

We precisely verify teachers in Africa, we put them in database, we are enabling European schools using emergency chat with us on WhatsApp, we let them find proper teacher of English in our database available online, we arrange on-demand teachers ready to cover unexpected lesson cancellations at once, we release the full system working like a supply teachers agency for SDG4 (with teaching very good English in small European Union schools), and for SDG8 (with providing decent online work to well-educated African teachers of English who can work from home).

Challenges I ran into

We can't provide to European Union schools all best teachers of English residing in Africa. We live in the 21st century but not all of them still have access to internet to do the work they can do very well. But in the future they should have. Internet access becomes cheaper and cheaper also in Africa.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Stork School CONNECT is a sister project to the

What I learned

SDG4 and SDG8 are very important goals for Europe and Africa. Students in Europe can speak better English, teachers in Africa can have decent work. COVID-19 made EdTech more important for all of us. It opens a big opportunity to make co-operation between Europe and Africa even better than before, better for SDGs.

What's next for Stork School CONNECT

Taking into account ageing population in Europe and the fact that African universities increase number of graduates by over 5% each year, we think about opening our platform to all teachers who can run all kinds of online lessons in English. It will help feel very good with English all European Union students living in countries where English is not official language.

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