While struggling with the concept of a hackathon project to hand in, we found the initial brainstorming task rather difficult as a result of our lack of previous experience in regards to coding and programming. It was during this time that one of us exclaimed, "wouldn't it be nice if we had a machine to generate all sorts of ideas for us?!"

Most of us found that though to be entertaining, and before we knew it, the idea began to take fruition.

We realized that people of all demographics and professions, be it students, writers, entrepreneurs, or even a child, had to occasionally deal with the infamous "writer's block," a notorious mental obstacle that takes root during the creative process. Sometimes, all we need is a little piece of information--a spark to ignite the flames of realization and innovative thought.

Inspired by the idea of one singular bit of information prompting a new entrepreneur or innovator, my team and I collectively pooled together our knowledge, skills, and capabilities to prompt deep intellectual thought.

What it does

This program utilizes, with specified input from the user, an extensive catalog of different information with regards to idea/objects/concepts/etc in order to provide the user with various choices--both for consideration and for thought-facilitation.

How I built it

We used a very simple software in the form of HTML and CSS in order to piece together a complicated project, various catalogs with information dealing with the specified field or subject. We used HTML variations and arrays to create an extensive sea of knowledge, all of which is accessible by simple clicks of a button.

Challenges I ran into

It was very difficult to make the entire process impressively cohesive, and our program failed on multiple occasions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In the end, my team was able to pull together and figure out a way to get one category up and running. Although the selection isn't extensive, we were able to display the the code did indeed work, and that with proper time and cultivation, this project can eventually encompass encyclopedias' worth of information.

What I learned

You will not always succeed to first time and that is okay. Bouncing and reflecting your ideas off of your teammates proves for interesting discussions. The process is cooperative and depends on the strengths of everyone to balance out the shortcomings.

What's next for Storigin

With more time, a better, cleaner user interface can be created, and the code could be developed more in the future.

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