StoriCode is the storyboard for API. We componentize every API and operator so everyone can simply drag and drop these components to create applications and data analyses. For example, to connect A's map and Expedia 's hotel data and government crime ESRI distribution, you can simply drag and drop them and logically link them into one application, just three simple steps you can get a map showing the most safe hotels in SF. We also create a marketplace for these applications. People can share their application to the world. We are making the best of APIs to get data connected, make the world a better place.

What inspired you ? iOS storyboard makes developer so easy to connect operators to make application and do data analysis. We want to expand this concept.

Target user? Developers who want to see a quick demo of applications or have a peak of the particular API ability. Non-developers who want to visualize their imagination or want to do data analysis(Best buy's sale data..etc).

Key features Customized and Visualized api into block that lets people drag and drop easily to make a application, there 's no any control flow(if else, loop) you need to worry about. The coolest part, all the logics and relationships behind your storyboard will be translate into a sequence of JSON, which is very easy to store, share and modify. That's neat!

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