With an empty rooms in large houses outside of down town we realized that users can use this service to produce a source of revenue instead of leaving their room empty.

What it does

The service allows you rent out house/storage space similar to AirBnB but for the needs of storage. Thereby we ensure that since humans rent living in the house it will create less stress and worry for the owners.

How we built it

We used Google's app engine as a cloud hosting service for our website. In addition, the Google API (AppEngine) helped us communicate with the database (hosted on ...) and the front end. We used JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS, HTML, CSS and CSS frameworks such as Twitter BootStrap

Challenges we ran into

Before this project none of us had experience in JavaScript, which was important for adding functionality to our website, and thus we had to learn it on the spot. In addition to that, three of us had to learn about Google's app engine and it's associated API to make the backend communicate with the front-end as well as the database.

For the front-end, we also had to pick up bootstrap in order for our website to look better and have added features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting this project done! Learning more about BootStrap! Making a functional website despite all the complexities associated with integration!

What we learned

(JavaScript, Java, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, hosting on Google's app engine, how the front-end and back-end communicate with one another, Android Studio, Eclipse, how to use a Mac)

What's next for Storey

Expansion in 190+ countries, apply to the next 36 if memebers want to continue improving on the idea after the hackathon

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