As a team consisting of out of state and international members, finding storage spaces for the summer was a tremendous hassle. The only options were begging your friends to hold onto your stuff or paying excessive money to rent out self storage units. Often times these storage lockers may be inconveniently located with insufficient space and long term contracts. At the same, there were plenty of people that had extra space in their homes who would be willing to rent these spaces out. Our inspiration was bridging the gap between those with unutilized space in their home, with people seeking storage space.

What it does

StoreMe is a mobile application that connects people looking for storage space with those that have extra space in their home. It provides a cheap and short term commitment for people looking to store their items. A variety of spaces can be found from large fully furnished basements to tinny attic space. In addition to searching for storage spaces, a user can make their own listing. Thus, they can turn their unused basement into a profitable side business. The unique aspect of this app is that there is a storage space on this online market place that will fit your particular needs. We aspire to create a diverse and global community that can mutually benefit from unutilized space.

How we built it

We created an iOS and Android application that handles both listing space and searching for storage space. We have a firebase that handles all of our data. On the iOS side, we used Swift and for Android development we used flutter. The flow of the code is very organized and self explanatory. Each new screen has its own class which handles different text labels and buttons.

Challenges we ran into

One of our biggest hurdles was figuring out how to connect our application to a database to store our data. We decided to use firebase and with no prior experience we began integrating it with our application. It took time to set the database up and learn how to use it. Another big challenge we ran into was posting a storage space listing. It was difficult figuring out how to post the listing so that it would show up while searching for a space to rent out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As this application was fully built out on iOS and Android, we are very proud at how these apps look merely identical while being created on two very different platforms. We programmed out the apps maintaining the same stylistic and functional features in mind. We also worked very hard to create a simple and intuitive user interface where someone could use this app with no prior experience or knowledge.

What's next for StoreMe

We will continue developing StoreMe by debugging the software and adding additional features such as price filters and date searching. We hope to beta test out our product to gain feedback in order to make changes and further develop the application.

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