There are limited shopping opportunities in rural areas than in the city. The infrastructure may be poorly developed and elderly people may not own a car or be able to drive. There are often no public transportation opportunities. Driving separately wastes fuel and is harmful for the environment.

What it does

It is a platform independent app that offers a way for people who need something from a store to get it quickly and easily. Only a slow internet connection is needed. You can simply enter your shopping list in the app or website. On the other hand you can help people out by accepting to deliver a list to people living in your vicinity. You will receive a small bounty for your troubles and can become the hero of your neighborhood while protecting the environment.

How we built it

Java Rest Service backend with Gradle and SpringBoot. Uses Swagger and a Google API to identify nearby stores and map them to shopping lists. You will receive a notification if you are able to bring a a shopping list.

Challenges we ran into

Nearby search and mapping from Google API to shopping lists.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have the best team name: Ointy Cats of the Police Station.

What we learned

New frameworks, teamwork, art, how to stay up late.

What's next for StoreMate


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