When I was in New York recently, I noticed how painful retail is. Some stores carry a large complex list of SKUs, while others cary little to now stock, making them a glorified showroom. Jaxon, Oskar, and Cesare also noticed this problem, so we set out to create an answer, which is what become Storefront.

What it does

Storefront helps you find, compare and discover products. Using a search bar, and information about SKUs from local retail businesses, it shoes you prices around you, and how to find them. For instance, If you're looking for a pair of pants, you can see various models, and once you select a specific item, you can see where it's cheaper, get more information, and even reserve it using Passbook.

How I built it

We built Storefront using tech like Xcode for iOS development, Sketch for design, and various other technologies for prototyping, and design. We also used APIs like Facebook, Twitter and the Walmart APIs and various others to make this project.

Challenges I ran into

Most of the people in the team are experienced iOS devs, but configuration of data models was a problem, among other APIs, etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of working on something cool, and that real people can use.

What I learned

We learned and honed various design and programming skills.

What's next for Storefront

We'll continue designing, developing and working on it, and will see what becomes of it in the future.

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