We wanted to create a way for people to tell stories and exchange ideas in a more expressive way. One of the best ways to communicate with anyone, regardless of international barriers, is through image sharing. By integrating our pipeline with popular social media, we found a new outlet for people to connect. We hope to provide a new way to present ideas and communication between people, eventually leading to a new standard for media.

What it does

We built a website that brings a story to life by displaying a sentence by sentence breakdown into images. Furthermore, we provide a descriptive gif which is easily sharable by URL or directly on Twitter or Facebook. This easily made gif currency allows people to communicate in expressive and unique ways, breaking the language barrier and providing a fun outlet for creative expression.

How we built it

We harnessed the power of Microsoft Cognitive Services to help us perform our natural language processing including using their constituency parser and POS Tagger. We also used Bing Image Search to find good candidates for images that comprise our story.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult for us to set up the Microsoft Cognitive Services. We found it particularly challenging to properly set up the promises. Converting. We spent a large portion of our time tuning the natural language processing in order to get the sort of performance that we desired.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the end, we are proud of the ease of sharing stories with other people. A core focus of Storeel was the social elements, which are at the core of telling a great story. We also really like the high level of customization that allows each people to find the story that best matches the story that they want to communicate.

What we learned

Two of the three of us had little experience in web development, and we learned a huge amount specifically about javascript. We learned about and enjoyed exploring natural language processing.

What's next for Storeel

There is integration with Twitter API. As well, there is the addition of many more filters and modes. We've got Meme mode, Advanced mode, Story mode, and counting!

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