For most people, the place they’re most likely to become infected is in the supermarket, shop or pharmacy. The stress and uncertainty in these crowded, busy places also causes panic buying, which means vulnerable and needy people can’t get the food and medicine they need. These trips can’t be avoided but they can be made safer and less stressful by helping people avoid busy times and directing people to quieter stores.

We designed Store Status to help shoppers avoid unnecessary contact and provide the real-time status of crowding and availability in their local stores.

What it does

Plan a safer trip with live updates of the number of people in stores/pharmacy Get what you need with information on the availability of key items at each store/pharmacy Help your community by reporting hygiene, crowding or stock issues in your nearby stores Keep calm with a shopping list feature designed to help you panic buy less and stick to what you need

Challenges we ran into

Exporting data from Google Maps Getting the data without paying too much money ;)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Help to fight the spread of COVID-19 Developed a running app with limited time Got the backend and frontend working together smoothly Working together digitally with total strangers

What's next for Store Status

Develop a feature to help match shoppers with people they might be passing that need groceries, medicine, or other help. Spread the word and get people to use our app, reduce the strain on stores/pharmacies and stay safe.

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