I am working with NYPD stop and frisk data. Many have spent a lot of time making the NYPD databases usable, which they were not originally, and with analysis of the data (See http://wiki.datawithoutborders.cc/index.php?title=Project:Current_events:NYC_DD:NYCLU). Not wanting to re-do work others had already done, and done well, I identified a need for more precinct-level crime data, the goal being to answer the question of whether Stop and Frisk, constitutionality aside, is actually even effective at reducing crime, as the policy's supporters suggest.

I focused on finding, refining/reformatting, and mapping and visualizing the data.

This project is not an app, nor is it complete, but rather just my contribution to a larger, long-term project across hackathons and myriad civil society organizations to stop the unconstitutional policy.

When I am finished, all of the reformatted datasets will be released creative commons, as well as the code I used to clean it and visualize it. I have been writing documentation, which can be viewed here http://github.com/hrwgc/nyc/

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