We arrived knowing nothing about this problem space, but really passionate about delivering a robust and complete solution. This problem enticed us because it would require a full-stack solution as well as great design.

Challenges we ran into

The challenge is relatively straight forward. There is data available that, along with a number of manual calculations, can yield predictions as to were the invasive Asian Carp species will spawn/mature. This is critical in the fight against the invasive species. However, the calculations are laborious and the data is in man different places, opaque, and sometimes incomplete.

How we built it

Our solutions is to aggregate the appropriate data, and allow people to use a very simple to give them just the information they need: where to look. Thanks to the mathematical model of a graduate student we are able to use simple open source tools to accomplish our goal.

What it does

The site allows people to enter their USGS Site Number: 04231600 for example. Our tool then does a few calculations, pulls in multiple data sources, and creates a real-time map that visualizes the conditions at that sensor location.

If the participant enters their phone number, our tool will send an SMS when conditions require attention.

What's next for Stopping the Carp InvAsian

There are a number of issues we'll need to tackle after launching our project, but we're very hopeful that our demonstration will encourage people to consider improving the data sources required to making our automation and monitoring as flawless as possible.

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