Shopping is easier than even thanks to the prevalence of online shopping. Companies such as Amazon allow for users to buy items they want with the click of a button. However, problems can arise when a user has compulsive buying disorder (CBD) and cannot control themselves when buying.

What it does

In order to help people with CBD we decided to build a chrome extension that will attempt to persuade the user they do not necessarily need the item they are buying on Amazon. The app remove instances of numerical price values of for items and replaces them with alternative of what they could buy with the same amount of money. Similar item suggestions were removed in order to prevent them from buying additional items without consideration. Buttons with the ability to instantly check out items was removed as well.

How we built it

Javascript was used to change the prices of items as well as the deletion of certain buttons and suggested items. The Google Chrome Extension API was used to allow for the application to downloaded easily.

Challenges we ran into

Replacing the prices for the many different formats they come in on Amazon and deciding what should be prevented from appearing on the page took a large amount of time. With so many different tags and ids for amazon's website, it is difficult to keep track and implement the proper actions with each one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learn a lot about how javascript, html and css file interact. Moreover, we learn about the chrome extension, which turns out to be particularly useful and fast for simple tasks such as removing tempting items on the Internet.

What we learned

There are many different aspects of Amazon's website that attempts to make their users more likely to buy items from them. This includes sponsored advertisements, suggesting similar items, and quite access to their inventory.

What's next for Stopping Spree

Having the number of times the user has visited Amazon recently appear when the extension icon is clicked as well as how much money they have spent in the same time frame.

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