(SVS) Stop Virus Spreading

Our Idea is Preventing the virus from spreading by daily routine for each user through an application.

let's say on 10:00 pm each day the user mentions the people who met this day and the visited places.

Then he/she answers on a questionnaire to get a primary result of being infected or not, plus do some tips of preventing from being a host of the virus.

In case of one user had been infected, The system sends his location and relatives phone numbers to the Fevers Hospital to double-check this case.

If the user is infected already, The system will send a notification to all the people who met him/her in the last 14 days because they could be infected So they should answer the questionnaire to check their case, without telling them his/her name or info,

Then we start to check the places he/she had checked in for 14 days

This will let us uncover the infected cases early before it spreads so we can save more lives.

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