Thrombosis is a disease that, lately, has been affecting more and more the society in general. As a consequence, we want to educate people, from an early age, so that they are aware that this problem exists and how it can be prevented.

What it does

Stop the Thromb is a retro-type videogame where red blood cells appear with the aim of coagulate inside a vein. So, the player, who controls a syringe, has the objective of eliminate those blood cells to prevent the disease. It has some boosters that are real life solutions to prevent the disease, so collecting them will give some temporary upgrades that will help him eliminate the blood cells in an easier way. It has a 3 minute timer, and the player will win if he can survive during those 3 minutes. The game also has its own mascot, Trombito, that will give the player some tips and information about the disease while the player is playing.

How we built it

We already had a base game implemented in OpenGL and C++, so we adapted that game to the idea of Stop the Thromb, changing the gameplay and the design.

Challenges we ran into

The more challenging thing was the limited time we had to adapt the game, specially if we refer to the algorithm so that the blood cells coagulate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to have a successful beta in only 2 days.

What we learned

Much more information about the Thrombosis disease, and how to prevent it.

What's next for Stop the Thromb

We would like to add more information about the disease, adapt it more to the objective public, and make it more visually attractive.

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