Fish conservation is important in keeping sustainable levels of fish for markets, consumers and environment it self.

What it does

Provides a map that provides real time water temperature data of the Great Lakes.

How we built it

Using bootstrap and html we created a visual appealing site that will be able to get the temperature of the Great Lakes in real time and predict the spawning of the carpes.

Challenges we ran into

We changed our project idea about 3 times from 3 pm until 2 am.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we stayed throughout the competition. It was difficult even staying motivated when we ran into so many difficulties and barriers but finishing sometimes is all what needs to be done The pictures we took onsight at the Aquarium and inspired us

What we learned

In terms of 7, Alot of these databases are poorly designed and the government has not really provided a standard of how to find vessels and permits

What's next for Stop the Carpe

We will finish the back-end work of it and get the temperatures from the api so we can run it through certain algorithms to predict the spawning of the fish. And Stop those Carpes

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