Over 80% of people are lured in from impulsive shopping, needlessly spending their money. Although it is nearly impossible to suppress this urge, much can be done to help it. Our goal with the Stop & ShopRight is to give impulse shoppers a tool to make smart, economical decisions. 

What it does

The Stop & ShopRight is an application designed to provide you with the cheapest options for a certain product. The algorithm works by scanning a product and analyzing its key features, such as the brand. It then parses the web for the same products and eventually displays the most inexpensive option. In addition to displaying the price, the name of the product, an image associated with it, and the store it is found at will be shown. 

How we built it

The Stop & ShopRight was built using Python3 for the framework. In addition to this, it utilizes the Google Vision API and OpenCV technology to connect the pictures and the products online. Once the code was finished, we created a GUI using Tkinter to interface the program to the users. 

Challenges we ran into

The greatest challenge we had was using OpenCV for reading the text off of the pictures. OpenCV often misinterpreted words and picked up words that were unnecessary to search for the product. To fix this, we replaced the use of OpenCV with the Google Vision API, which was much more precise in its searches.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our use of the Google Vision API and OpenCV, which are technologies we hadn't dwelled much into before. However, through much reading and trial and error, we were able to incorporate the API and OpenCV into our project.

What we learned

We learned how to use APIs and open-source code in our projects, and how to incorporate them efficiently.

What's next for Stop & ShopRight

Primarily, the accuracy of the search still needs some improvement. However outside of that, Stop & ShopRight will be making advancements towards creating a map marked with the lowest prices, so it is much easier to access and understand. 

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