January 15, 2013

Various options can be use to stop illegal robo-calls:

Create a short number that people cab use to stop and identify a robo-call. 

The short number will be a * follow by a few digits, example: * 88.

All telephone companies will use the same short number, so people can remember the number and to create a national database to stop and prevent certain robo-calls.

How would it work?:

After a person receives an unwanted robo-call they will dial (*88)-example. 

The telephone company will determine if the robo-call is illegal. Then it will block the number, so the person requesting the robo-call block will no longer receive that robo-call in the future. But, the telephone company could also unblock the robo-call if it’s a legitimate robo-call.

The blocked robo-call will be enter into a national database administer by the national government, and phone companies. The national database will keep a log of every robo-call: The time the robo-call was made, the day, who send it, who received it, locations, and other relevant data. 

The short number *??, example- (*88) can be dial during or right after the robo-call. The short number, example- (*88) will automatically send information about the robo-call received by an individual telephone number. 

The national database will keep a log and block the number, preventing from making another robo-call to that individual telephone number if it’s determined the robo-call is illegal and or unsolicited.

The federal government will study the logs and take further action to sanction businesses who make illegal/ unsolicited robo-calls.

The database of stop-robo-calls will be administer by the government and telecommunication companies. All communication companies should participate on the stop-robo-calls database service. All telephone customers should be able to use a short number like the example- (*88). The purpose of the short number will be to stop robo-calls and keep a national log.

Telephone companies need to provide info on every robo-call, they know where they are coming from. The log of data will help to determine who is making robo-calls, where are they coming from, and to stop them.

The short example number- (*88) will be part of a broader program:

There will also be a 1-800 number: 1-800-STOP- ROBO CALLS, and a website: STOP

Telephone users can report an illegal/ unsolicited robo-call using the 1-800 number or the website.

They should be included and connected to the existing program call “Do not Call List”

The individual will provide the day, the time, and number and name of company if they have it available. If the robo-call is illegal/unsolicited then the telephone company must block the number.

The telephone user should also be able to call their telephone service provider directly so they can block the illegal/ unsolicited robo-call number. Telephone companies need to be careful not to block the wrong numbers or legitimate robo-calls.

There will also be a free STOP-ROBOCALLS application for smart phones. When a smart-phone user gets an unwanted robo-call they can activate the application that will automatically trace the call, send information to the Stop Robo-calls national database, keep a log of the robo-call and block it if it’s determined and there’s proof that the robo-call is illegal/ unsolicited. The application should also have a digital form if the user prefers to stop the robo call by providing information manually instead of using the automatic stop robo-calls tool.

Telephone users should also have the tools to unblock a number that may have been labeled as illegal/ unsolicited robo-call by mistake.

The Stop Robo-Calls Program needs to be smart and efficient. Not all Robo-Calls are illegal! The smart system needs to identify and separate the bad robo-calls from the good robo-calls.
There are schools that use robo-calls to contact parents and students. Local emergency systems use robo-calls to inform the local inhabitants during an emergency. Corporations, small businesses, and various legitimate entities use robo-calls to contact their existing customers.

The Robo-call prevention system needs to be smart, accurate, and careful to not block robo-calls that are legitimate! The system needs to only block the bad robo-calls. Remember, not all robo-calls are bad!

A business or entity who uses the automatic robo-call system to contact their current customers cannot be classified as illegal robo-calls, unless the customer doesn’t approve robo-calls from a business where they have a current connection. The stop robo-calls system should also protect telephone users who do not want robo-calls from businesses or companies where they are customers or have some type of current, legitimate connection. Businesses or various type of entities cannot send unsolicited robo-calls to individuals who are their existing customers. Businesses or entities who send unsolicited robo-calls even to their own customers could also face fines, and the telephone numbers that they are using could also be classified as illegal/unsolicited robo-calls in the Stop Robo-calls National Database.

Furthermore, there should be stricter robo-call federal regulations for illegal robo-calls.

The Stop Robo-Calls Database will help identify businesses who are making illegal robo-calls, and they will get higher fines if there’s evidence that they are making illegal, unsolicited robo-calls.
All businesses in the United States need to be notified directly about not making illegal, unsolicited robo-calls.

A “Stop Robo-calls List,” will be part of the Stop Robo-calls Program. People can be enlisted automatically in the “Stop Robo-calls List” by using the short example number (*88), or using the 1-800-STOP Robo-calls, or the Stop Robo-calls website, or the Stop Robo-calls smart phone application. These options could be link to the existing program call: “Do Not Call List”
Businesses, entities contacting people enlisted in the “Stop Robo-Calls List” part  of the Stop Robo Calls Program, managed by the Stop Robo-calls  National Database System will get fines.

All these options can stop illegal robo-calls. Hopefully they can be implemented as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Trino De La Torre

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