It's tough to not want to take action when you see the amount of food that ends up in landfills every year. We wanted to create an application to help remedy this global crisis. Wastely was born.

What it does

Wastely gives users the power and the incentive to help combat food waste - one grocery item at a time. A user is able to browse their local stores to find food categories and individual close-to-expiration items that will save them money and save the planet! They are also able to track their impact in the "My Stats" page and compete with friends. Wastely also allows grocery stores to obtain revenue from the sale of items that would otherwise be thrown out. We hope to implement an API that would allow easy and quick integration with any grocery store's inventory software for automatic item listings. After a user has picked out the items they want to purchase, they have the ability to add them to an Instacart cart and have it delivered to their doorstep!

How we built it

Our app was created in Flutter, a Dart-based framework that makes it easy to develop an app for both: iOS and Android. We wanted to ensure that most consumers have access to our app as that would help us make the biggest impact on food waste. Developing for both platforms, and Flutter, helped us achieve that.

Adobe XD was chosen as our software to create high-fidelity mockups for our mobile application due to its detailed and easy-to-implement design systems and component management libraries. We were able to reuse components from screen to screen to maximize workflow and maintain a consistent layout throughout. In addition, a variety of external plugins could be used with adobe XD to give us the design features we needed.

Challenges we ran into

One of our biggest challenges was coming up with a database structure that is optimally suited for a graph database and could also be converted to a document database for easier use with Flutter. Furthermore, we realized the importance of .gitignore after about 8 hours into hacking when we were suddenly pushing thousands of files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have built an impactful application that has a far-reaching impact in helping to reduce food waste. In just 24 hours, our team created a functional, full-stack mobile app.

What we learned

We learned the importance of .gitignore, proper file structures, teamwork, optimized user experience and design, flutter, and database integration.

What's next for Wastely?

Although for the Hackathon we used sample data, we can't wait to go out and begin getting real grocery stores on board with the idea. We are planning to start with independent food outlets and gradually move along to more established retailers. Competing for the "Most Interdisciplinary" special award.

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