I started developing the site for the app on 17th march because I got the instinct that, my country will face a lot of difficulties during this pandemic.

What it does

It has too many features, and I integrated a few built-in platform in the web.

Major Features: Live Chat with our Medical Consults. (The network of doctors we are trying to build.) Live update of Infected people. Live update of Infected Locations in Bangladesh. Hotline Numbers and Sample Collection Numbers. Testing Center Map. Complain or Suggest an edit.

Minor Features: Make you know about the primary symptoms of COVID-19 Food Habits you should follow to prevent this What you need to do for preventing corona What you need to avoid for preventing corona Who are at the most risk?  

How I built it

Made a good website using Wordpress, and used webview element on android studio for making this as an app.

Challenges I ran into

Convincing a few doctors to get into our network. One of the main things of our idea is based on machine learning, and no one knows this from the team.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

User to doctor network. The live update and the map. UI/UX.

What I learned

Team building. I polished my WP skills. Little java and android studio.

What's next for Stop Corona

Fake News & Myth Busting by Artificial Intelligence & URL Analysis. Prediction (Assumption & Probability) of Future Corona infected USER(s) by Machine Learning and Data Analysis. Geo Location of probable Infected users and NOTIFY healthy users. Show opened Stores during Lockdown. Not only corona but also any other epidemic in the world by analyzing search query.

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