Our office manager @stefgreat is awesome. You should see how she deals with recruiters, real estate vultures, and the other callers who hammer us every day. It's comically bewildering that some people just don't get the message.

And you know what? After calling us everyday for a week and hearing the same "please take us off your list," I don't think you deserve Stef's good graces anymore. Sorry bruh.

What it does

Dealing with aggressive callers who won't take no for an answer? Transfer them to Stop calling me pls. That's it! Stewie will tell them they suck and hang up. Is it overkill & kind of mean? Perhaps, but so is calling twice a day all week and refusing to take us off your list.

How I built it

This was a super simple hack:

  • Download a video and extract audio (using -x flag) with youtube-dl.

  • Upload the extracted audio (mp3) to S3

  • Write a simple TwiML file hosted on Twimlbin that plays the mp3 & hangs up:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  • Register a new Twilio number and point it to your Twimlbin.

  • Transfer aggro callers to your new Twilio number.

Are you actually using this?!

Nah, Stef's way too professional for that -- but it'll remain a nuclear option.

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