Stop Annoying Messages (S.A.M.)

Sam Don't-Spam is a programatically controlled Facebook user who helps you reduce spam from overactive group messages.


Sam is an ordinary Facebook user for you, so just go ahead and friend him! Once you add him to a group chat, go ahead and mute it indefinitely. Sam will keep an eye out for anyone mentioning your name, and send you a private message when they do. Sam can work with multiple groups for multiple users!


Want your own Sam? First clone this repository and use Yarn to import necessary dependencies.

git clone
cd stopannoyingmessages
yarn install --ignore-engines

Now all you have to do is create a dummy Facebook account and provide the accounts username and password as environment variables when you run the server file. This can be done like so:

node server.js <dummy_accouny_email> <dummy_account_password>

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  • Thanks to HackPoly 2017 for giving us the space and time to work on this project!
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