Stop and Frisk Analyzer was inspired by a junior year project we did on the same topic. We wanted to extend it's functionality, and provide some more statistics for context. Currently, the Stop and Frisk Analyzer contains checkboxes that allow the user to redraw a map so that they can filter Stops by categories such as race, borough, and occurrences during the stop, such as whether contraband was found or physical force was used. We built this by modifying our project from junior year in order to add a GUI and more advanced filtering. One challenge we ran into was that no one in our group had any experience coding UI at all, so we had to learn how to do that on our own. We're proud of our GUI because we had no experience on making a GUI coming in, and we're pleased with how it turned out. We learned how to make a basic GUI in Java, which was interesting because we had no idea at all how to code a GUI in Java before this hackathon. Next up for Stop and Frisk Analyzer would be to raise awareness of our analyzer so that more people are able to use it and learn about the information that it contains.

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