We created this platform to help students succeed in college. In college students have a hectic schedule that affect their GPA which is crucial to students' future. We felt the need to intervene and create a revolutionizing education system.

What it does

Stoopidnotes allows students to upload and share notes and study material specific to class and professor at their own university. These notes are categorized and quality controlled by a peer-to-peer rating system. Students have the opportunity to win prizes based on their own effort and merit.

How we built it

We communicate with Stoopidnote's REST API using Retrofit2 and OkHttp easy to use libraries. The app was developed in Kotlin, a statically typed language for the Java Virtual Machine. It includes many useful features such as Null saftey, Lambda functions, extension functions and string templating. The UI was made with Google's Android Support Design Library which includes many Material Design views and widgets.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we had was an error building the app. After 50 minutes of rebuilding and rebooting of computers we were able to find the issue with a library that was not compiling correctly. Also getting some of the Android views to play nicely towards the beginning of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can upload notes faster to the website using the app! It also makes the service portable so students can view other notes on the go.

What we learned

We can play off of each other's strengths and learn the limits of ourselves and team members.

What's next for Stoopidnotes

iOS App and AngularJS web page coming soon...

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