Accessing the undergraduate bulletin has never been easier!

🧘‍♀️ Light-Bulb Moment

While brainstroming the project ideas for this hackathon, we wanted to make a project which will help majority of the Stony Brook University's students and help them in their academic planning.

While choosing courses students are often find it chaotic while shortlisting the courses. Not just that, even browsing through the courses offered in various majors is pretty tedious due to sheer volumn of the data. Switching webpages and remembering where the information is everytime is hectic in itself. There might be a slight chance that a student who is familiar with the university-website can successfully do it, but its too tedious and time consuming process. Not to mention a student who is thinking of applying for the first time - This will be a nightmare for them.

Thus, we present StonyBot! This is a bot which will ease out this process and make it a fun experience.

| StonyBot - Academic planning and accessing the undergraduate bulletin has never been easier! |

👀 What is StonyBot?

StonyBot is a Discord Bot which can be used by any student to get information on courses, majors, and planning out their degree.

🤖 Why use StonyBot?

StonyBot is designed to help Stony Brook students in their planning and get precise and concise information from the undergraduate bulletin

  • StonyBot can get information about any course from any major
  • A simple and easy way to explore courses and majors
  • Helps in Academic Planning of the courses by storing them.

🎮 Features

1. 🗺 Planning

StonyBot will allow you to create a plannar of courses you want to takeup during your undergraduate. You can add or remove the courses as per your liking.

2. 📬 Summarize

StonyBot can give you the crux of the course information and summary of the courses, as well as majors offered by the university.

3. 🚀 Versatile

Attached to the bot is a seperate library of functions, used to access the bulletin. This means that these functions can be ported to any platform, including slack, telegram, websites, or even Alexa skills. And because this is a Discord bot, it can be added to any discord server!



🆘 Where to get help

Feel free to reach out to our team members. We will be happy to help you.

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