How we built it

The problem with most laptop locks is that they require the use of a key or specific number combination to release the device; and while these locks are effective in restricting the movement of the device (much like a bicycle lock), they do not protect the information stored within the device from being accessed and stolen. This is what inspired us to create the Stony Tech Security Laptop Lock. Our case is a Bluetooth-controlled laptop lock, powered by an Arduino Uno. We fashioned the case after a tacklebox with the lid of the case extending upwards to make inserting and removing the laptop an easy process for the user. Upon locking the laptop into its case, the user simply presses the associated button on the ArduinoBlue application so that the case closes and the hooks on the front and back end of the case rotate to grapple tightly onto the pegs on the interior of the lid. The device is designed to be easily storable and portable for travelling.

Note: ArduinoBlue is an externally created application, which we did not design ourselves.

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