This Discord bot allows you to "invest" in stocks directly in the Discord app. Compete against your friends using _ fake virtual currency _ but _ events and statistics from real stocks. _

What inspired us

We use Discord often and realized the convenience and enjoyability of the bots we use in our servers. We originally wanted to do a wager bot to make wagers with friends over games but we did not want to encourage _ underage gambling _ so when the idea of stocks came up, we decided this was the next best thing.

What we learned

We spent _ a lot more time planning rather than coding _ so we ran into a lot of issues when it came to actually coding. We learned that we should have gone faster when it came to doing the actual work, such as just tinkering with it, rather than talking about it. Each of us learnt something new throughout the process such as databases, Discord bots and APIs.

How we built our project

We divided up the work and everyone researched what they needed to complete their tasks. Afterwards, we all met together to review our parts and put them together.

Challenges we faced

Our biggest challenge was time. Again, we did tend to spend _ more time talking about what we had to do_ more than we did _ actually doing it. _ We were all learning to do this for the first time so we all had to take the time to learn our parts and others to fully understand the function of our project.

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