There is a high barrier of entry into the world of stocks and our vision with this project is to help people surmount that barrier. Through Stonkfolio, users are given an easy to digest analysis of their stock portfolios that will give them a better understanding of what makes the portfolio strong, what makes it weak, and how to improve it.

What it does

Users build up their stock portfolio on our platform and are given a simple yet effective analysis of what they can do to strengthen their investments. We leverage Blackrock's Aladdin API to generate detailed information of the stocks users own shares of and compile compelling summaries.

How we built it

We made a web app using the bootstrap framework. Mainly used pure javascript as well as JQuery for the data tables and the Highcharts library for our pie and line chart analyses. Then finally we imported Black Rock's Aladdin API through a CDN to make our calls to get the data. Finally, we hosted our SPA through Microsoft Azure's services.

Challenges we ran into

We had initial difficulties deciphering the Blackrock Aladdin API, we were not easily able to understand the documentation to figure out forms of the data inputted and outputted. That took team review sessions as well as trips down to Black Rock's company booth to ask specific questions. Once we surmounted that road block, we had some challenges deciding how we wanted to manipulate the data and what types of valuable insights we could offer. We brainstormed and even did some research in the finance field to figure out what sort of insights are valuable to stock investors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of successfully hosting our SPA on Microsoft Azure. We're proud to have multiple forms of data visualization to show our results in an easily digestible way to the user. Breaking into the fintech industry is also a big accomplishment of ours as nobody on the team has worked with any opensource or internships in that space before.

What we learned

This was a great learning experience because we got to see the types of problems that get to be addressed in the fintech industry. We learned about hosting and working with comprehensive APIs. We learned how to host our application using web services such as azure. We learned how to process data in the frontend in order to show graphical results.

What's next for Stonkfolio

Including support for more if not the entire stock market. Having more in depth analyses and even suggestions in laymans term in how to better strengthen your stock portfolio.

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