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Inspired by the recent spike in interest in the stock market due to r/WallStreetBets pushin GameStop to unimaginable highs, stonk clonk is here for the new market investor who just wants to know where stocks are going to go next without having to study the market for years and years.

What it does

stonkclonk is a site that allows you to see where stocks might possibly be going in the future. You enter the ticker symbol for the stock you want to look into, and how far into the future you want forecasted. Upon submitting, a graph will be rendered in browser showing our model's forecast appended to historical stock data. In addition, this project stands as an exploration into BentoML and sktime, which are two of the projects our pod will be exploring during the course of the fellowship.

How we built it

Our site is backed by a sktime ARIMA forecasting model that uses data from Yahoo! Finance, and is served by a BentoML container on Heroku. It's all tied together through a POST on the frontend and scraping the data through a convenient python library called yfinance that pulls historical data for us.

Challenges we ran into

  • New to JavaScript, Chart.js, and websites
  • BentoML only reflects some configuration changes in production
  • Choosing an adept and accurate sktime model
  • Lots of fun formatting the data to cooperate with graphing functionality

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Surviving using vanilla javascript and learning Chart.js

-Learning to get a handle on BentoML and sktime!

What we learned

-The basics of making a BentoML server and how to attach a forecasting model built with sktime to it

What's next for stonk clonk

-A more robust API -The ability to compare multiple stocks at once -Crypto support (Dogecoin I'm looking at you...)

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