We wanted to make a game where you are directly involved in the most infamous crypto bubbles. Try your hand at manipulating markets by spamming twitter, just like the pros.

What it does

Anyone interested can navigate to, put in their username, and start manipulating the markets. Everyone using Stonk St. contributes to a global feed and affects the same market, so you'll be completing with crypto twitter. Many positive posts will have the price trending upwards, and negative posts will cause the price to drop.

How we built it

In order to handle loads of traffic on Stonk St (hopefully someday), we had to build the product with only the newest, most organic, non-gmo components. Our frontend is built with Reactjs which connects over REST and websockets to our Golang backend. Our backend uses a CockroachDB database, the Google Cloud sentiment analysis API, and Twitter's undocumented user API (don't tell!).


Challenges we ran into

Writing all the code in such little time, twitter's rate limiting

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making something working e2e! Aggregating OHLC candlesticks using some fancy SQL methods.

What we learned

Building a market is easier than you might think. Ours is totally reliable, buy now!

What's next for Stonk Street

More currencies, trading, and some more game mechanics (such as bots)!

Built With

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