After the tragic loss of half our group, we ended up on an entirely new platform (unity) using a hardware that we never had heard of before (leap motion), with a language that neither of us knew (c#). why did we choose this project if there was virtually no way of it being finished in 24 hours ever? good question. We're not quite sure ourselves. Our initial idea was to build a world thanks to leap motion, shaping it like clay with our own hands. Instead we ended with a political satire. Why create a world when you can effortlessly destroy the walls built by a real-life evil?

What it does

It's a wall. Which you destroy. With your hands. Wow

How we built it

With a lot of pain and boring tutorial videos. We only spent about four hours on it, the rest was mainly learning.

Challenges we ran into

Literally all of them. "the software I've been using for the past three hours was the wrong one" "the actual software doesn't want to open properly" "there are no online resources for our situation" "my computer doesn't work" "wait did half of our group casually left five hours in?" etc etc etc

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a wall!

What we learned

The... power of friendship? And also the basics of unity, which is a pretty neat program to know

What's next for Stomp Trump's wall

We believe that our game is truly at the peak of originality and software engineering; There really is no need for further development.

(No but really, this weekend was amazing we really enjoyed ourselves :D)

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