We are all sneaker heads that have used StockX. Some of us both as sellers and buyers, and we all thought that an interesting addition to the StockX marketplace would be an auction/real time bidding functionality. We think that it might be something that would increase the consumer experience.

What it does

StockX Auction adds an auction functionality to StockX products. It takes the StockX API to get realtime data on the pricing of sneakers, and allows users to bid on the products, reseting the timer each time a bid is made. Users can quickly search for any sneaker in StockX, and bid any amount above the minimum price.

How we built it

We built StockX Auction in Swift using Firebase for a real-time database as well as authentication. AlamoFire was used for making networking calls to the StockX API, and we used UICircularProgressRing to show the time left in an auction.

Challenges we ran into

-We had some trouble getting the progress view to sync between users. -The dynamic search functionality had trouble accessing the data quickly at first. -The math to ensure that the all users get the same time with minimal variation. -Firebase was a little tricky to use, especially the Google Sign In

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have built a sleek, functioning marketplace, that allows users to quickly bid in real time using real time sneaker prices provided by StockX on guaranteed authentic sneakers.

What's next for StockX Auction

-We might add a payment system directly to the app.

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